The Firefighters Lamp - 24"


From the moment we decided to create this piece, we knew it would be something special. Something that no one else has…and something that a firefighter would cherish for a lifetime. As you can see in the finished piece, there’s no other lamp like it…anywhere.

Everything about this lamp is just as hard-working as the courageous firefighters who risk their lives every day. Most of the parts, pieces, and fittings were custom fabricated and the entire lamp weighs in at a whopping 11 pounds. It’s solid inside and out…no cheap plastic here. It’s built to last.


We purposely designed this Firefighter’s Lamp to be a little “salty” so we hand-distressed the finish to give it a well-seasoned look. After all the smoke is gone, we’ve got imperfections and blemishes all over this lamp that adds a ton of character. 


Since gauges, valves, and handles are an important part of the job, we installed a “Steam Gauge” on the left side that is actually a working voltmeter. Turn on the lamp and the red needle immediately indicates the amount of voltage present. Additionally, we added a “steam” faceplate housing just below the light socket that has a dimmer inside so the bulb can be dimmed or turned on and off easily. The custom red dimmer knob was designed to look like a handle on a vintage water valve.  The red firebox is the core of the piece and the door can be opened. 


The lamp just isn’t complete without an LED Nostalgic Edison Bulb, so we’re including one at no additional charge. We also added some sweet-looking 3-conductor jet-black twisted cloth-covered wire that is a tribute to the vintage wire used in times past. 


Our magnificent lamp stands nearly 24” tall and is approximately 12” wide and looks great anywhere. Purchase one for yourself or for that special firefighter in your life. 


Please keep in mind this lamp is made to order. You won’t find it in the big box stores, it’s not made overseas, and certainly does not come off the assembly line. It’s created, formed, assembled, and distressed by hand in our small shop in Vermilion, Ohio.  Please allow approximately 14-21 days for us to complete and ship.


Shipping cost? It’s free. We provide free shipping within the continental United States. So we’ll have it delivered right to your door. 

Oh, I almost forgot… we’re not sure how many more of these special lamps we’re going to make. That being said, you and I know there are times to wait in life, but this isn’t one of them. 


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Firefighter's Lamp - 24" Tall