About us

Many people ask us what we do and what we sell, but we never seem to have an answer. Our inventory is ever-changing and our taste is a little bit of everything. As our logo implies, we sell a unique variety of lighting and decor. Don't really sell any antiques, but rather products that are new but look old. In addition to our finished lighting and decor, if you're into making your own lamps/lights or doing other diy stuff, we've got lots of cool parts and supplies that'll spice-up your projects. 

When you gander through the store, you might just find an airplane propeller, an industrial mold, stunning metal 3D wall art, vintage canvas bags, an industrial table, unique clocks, barn door hardware, mailboxes, birdhouses, foam flowers you think are real, other assorted thing-a-ma-jigs for your home and one of the largest collections of cool knobs & pulls this side of the Mississippi. Simply put, we've got cool stuff you simply can't find anywhere else. 

Most people that come through our front doors say they've never seen a store quite like this. We agree. It's just different. Take for instance our 12-foot high indoor metal rusted conservatory. It's home to our larger-than-life diverse collection of realistic foam Botanicals. Boasting a plethora of different colors and styles, you've got to see these displayed in the conservatory because they look and feel so real. You've also got to take a handful home with you so you can make your home look like it's been featured in one of those full-color affluent home magazines. You can easily update an existing arrangement or design something new.

As for the owners, Tim & Jean grew up in northeast Ohio and raised a couple of kids and a black lab that eats way too many scraps and handouts (the dog, not the kids). Tim literally began this business on the kitchen table selling Antique Fan parts & supplies on the internet and it seemed to work at first. But the problem, if you're unaware, is that running a business from the kitchen and having family meals just didn't seem to work too smoothly. So Jean kicked him out of the kitchen into the 5-ft x 6-ft spare room he used to call his "office". That didn't work either so she sent him into the dungy basement to build stuff and fill orders. Then yep, you guessed it, the business grew and grew by the grace of God (yes, they are Christians) and the business had to be moved to a vacant retail storefront. 

As God would have it, the business grew some more and they purchased an old abandoned bar in order to "re-purpose" it and provide a nice place for you to stop in and say "hi". That's where they are now and where you can come and visit.